As businesses grow and become more sophisticated, their need to manage information also grows.

SharePoint Microsoft 365

SharePoint Online Microsoft 365 gives organization simple file sharing and seamless team collaboration all in one place.

As part of Microsoft 365 subscription, you will be able to a wide variety of things including the following:

No server, No Problem. SharePoint Online Has You Covered.

SharePoint Online Offers Simple Sharing And Seamless Collaboration

Did you ever wonder how efficient your team would be with online collaboration? With SharePoint Online, you have the ability to empower sharing and collaboration on your personal intranet for your organization. This will give your team one place where they can organize and collaborate on content data, and news. This is all in one page online.

Involved in hands-on SharePoint consulting and development for over 13 years, our specialists know how to leverage the platform’s versatility and technology stack to successfully handle projects of any scale and complexity.

SharePoint Online Offers Inform And Connect Your Organisation

One popular myth is that moving to the cloud frees organizations from proactive IT management and maintenance including backups. SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365 subscriptions do have their own backups for internal purposes and offer a limited day hold on deleted items, but this is not a data backup you can rely on for your organization.

Business Process Automation

With SharePoint, we advance productivity by translating manual routines – from simple tasks to complex procedures – into fully automated operations. This approach boosts on-site performance by shortening workflow cycles, fostering teamwork transparency and eliminating the risk of human error.

Add-ins development

MSM Networking Solutions LLC develops custom add-ins to enhance your existent SharePoint solution. Depending on the client’s needs the add-ins can range from simple UI commands to full-page apps. We use both the internal SharePoint components (e.g. web parts or workflows) and third-party options (web services, web applications etc.).

SharePoint Business Solutions

We match our services with your business specifics and take advantage of the platform’s flexibility to deliver reliable solutions for multi-level corporate engagement and smart data management.

Content/Knowledge Management

SharePoint-based content/knowledge management aids organizations in adopting a modern approach to knowledge gathering, classification, searching, sharing, and reuse. Be it customized wiki libraries, a dedicated portal, or just a tool integrated into your infrastructure, our team applies high-level security practices for safe storage and effective decision making.

Document Management

With SharePoint, we build electronic document management systems that enable centralized control over all enterprise files. The transition to automated document processing prevents data loss and unauthorized usage. Rich metadata and smart data structuring allow for easy searching, editing, and secure storage, thus turning a platform into a shared virtual workspace.

Web/Intranet Portals

We create feature-packed web and intranet SharePoint portals that grant users a powerful toolkit to facilitate collaboration. Depending on your business requirements and culture, we come up with tailored SharePoint architecture coupled with first-class security controls for correct operation without compromising user experience and interface appeal.