Simplify your office by routing paper documents, e-mails, faxes and other paper files directly into a Document Management System (DMS) designed by NSI. Documents stored in your DMS can be accessed the moment you need them, from a computer desktop or any mobile device – eliminating the need for searching and re-creating lost paper documents.
Law Firms
  • Move documents to clients and colleagues with ease
  • Customize workflow around your own created document types (Pleading, Motions, Contracts, Leases etc.)
  • Number & reference documents according to your firm’s unique numbering scheme
Accounting Firms
  • Ensure that the artifacts and documents produced during audits, tax interactions and company secretarial services are stored with the appropriate security and audit trails for tractability
  • Comply with regulatory frameworks with more rigorous records management
Business Owners
  • Provide easy access to company documents
  • Save space by storing documents electronically
  • Create off-site backup of all company documents