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Document and information management is a huge challenge for any business. MSM Networking Solutions Inc. (NSI) Document Management Systems improve how you process information in your office, regardless of the size or type of business.

Simplify your office by routing paper documents, e-mails, faxes and other paper files directly into a Document Management System (DMS) designed by NSI. Eliminate time searching for paper and re-creating lost documents. by Scan or import documents from any source into your company's personalized Document Management System (DMS). Documents will be stored in your DMS and can be accessed the moment you need them, from a computer desktop, Web browsers and\or any mobile device.

Law Firms

Take control of your case documents

  • Scan, store, and perform full text searches on documents with ease
  • Customize workflow around your own created document types (Pleading, Motions, Contracts, Leases etc.)
  • Move documents to clients and colleagues with ease
  • Number & reference documents according to your firm's unique numbering scheme
  • Ensure secure role or group-based access to case information
  • Save time with document storage and retrieval for desktop

Accounting Firms

Get the Right Information to the Right People

  • Ensure that the artifacts and documents produced during audits, tax interactions and company secretarial services are stored with the appropriate security and audit trails for tractability
  • Comply with regulatory frameworks with more rigorous records management
  • Increase responsiveness to customer demands by providing rapid turnaround on requests for company information
  • Store scanned copies of original documents on-site to counter document storage and retrieval challenges

Business Owners

Better Manage Your Office and Customer Documents

  • Provide easy access to company documents
  • Retrieve all company documents from your desktop
  • Save space by storing documents electronically
  • Easily secure important company documents
  • Create off-site backup of all company documents

How does a Document Manager
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